Truck, Container, Pallet and Carton Loading Software for Developers

Option #1: Load Calculation Web Service

Please enjoy a new technology 'Load Calculation Web Service' for adding the load optimization engine provided by CubeMaster online server into your application with SOAP enabled web service. It allows your application written by ASP, APS.NET or Java to call remotely the APIs served by the CubeMaster server ( as shown in the red line flow at a picture below. Using the CubeMaster Online web site is a good complimentary solution as in the blue lines at the picture for visualizing the load calculations made by the web service.

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Please check a C# sample code which calls the web service with passing the shipment information including the 20FT container size and cargo list. It takes the load plans from the web service back and shows the calculation to the console. 3D graphics are saved at GIF images files at a client computer.

C# Sample Codes for Vehicle Load Calculation

This is another C# sample code for carton load optimization.

C# Sample Codes for Carton Load Calculation

And here is a Java sample and instruction for Eclipe settings.

Java Sample Codes for Vehicle Load Calculation

Also please download the reference guide to learn about the full description of the objects model and functions.

Download Load Calculation Web Service Reference Guide

Are you concerned about how to consume our web service at the SAP? Please read the following articles.

Option #2: Software Development Kit for Windows Developers

CubeMaster SDK is a set of highly sophisticated ActiveX components to enable the back-end calculation and visualization of the load optimization in your Windows application easily and simply. It works with a variety of ActiveX-compliant Windows development environments. Developers can work with their preferred language including Visual Basic (VB), Visual C++, and Web development environments like C# on the .NET.

Load Calculation Engine

Load Calculation Engine is an Windows DLL to perform the load optimization from the load data that was collected from the set of interfaces of itself. Developers may instantiate the COM object by using the COM dual interfaces and pass the load data such as container types, SKU list and load rules through the interfaces into the object. Just calling the Run method, the object will start the optimization and store the solutions such as loaded containers, load blocks and unused spaces of containers. Developers can read the solutions using well structured COM interfaces.


  • Built on Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and ATL (Active Template Library)
  • Microsoft COM Component (Dual Interfaces Enabled)
  • Apartment Thread Model
  • ADO Enabled
  • XML Enabled
  • File Name: OptimizerE3.dll
  • Size: 340KB
  • Version: 10,7,6,0

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