Load Plan & Optimization Software

Use 5 ~ 20% fewer truck or container loads by using CubeMaster!

CubeMaster is a Load Plan and Optimization Software for Truck, Sea Container, Pallet, Carton and Air Container.

With over 3,000 installations globally, CubeMaster has proved to be the world’s best cargo planning, optimization and diagramming software.

Load optimizations for Truck, Container, Pallet and Carton  
Multiple load calculations (Mix, Single, Set, Mulit-set load)
Automatic palletizing before container & truck loading  
Grouping rule (keep same group together)
Various load rules including loading sequence & stacking
Outlook style user interface
Simple 3 steps to build a load
Document management to archive the load plan
3D click, drag and drop editor to visualize load plans
3D color-coded graphical display

To learn more about features and functionality of CubeMaster, see an overview and download a free trial software.

Palletizing & Package Design Software

Reduce packaging, transportation and storage cost by 5~20% by using CubeDesigner.

CubeDesigner is a Palletizing and Packaging Design Software for Shipcase Design, Product Arrangement, Palletization, Pallet Pattern Configuration and Truck Loading.

With CubeDesigner, packaging engineers can oversee all steps of the packaging design from idea to final presentation.

Optimization of case (carton, box & tray) size & arrangement
Calculation of pallet pattern and configuration
Design of unitloads with packaging materials  
All packaging sequences supported
Various sizing options (new, fixed & database)
Outlook style user interface
Tab system to design and calculate easily
Document management to archive the designs
Workflow management (approve and reject a design)
3D color-coded graphical display

To learn more about features and functionality of CubeDesigner, see an overview and download a free trial software.


Online Loading Software

CubeMaster Online is an online application (online version of CubeMaster) that allows you to build an optimal truck and container load plan with teams who work together in distributed areas.

To learn more about features and functionality of CubeMaster Online, take an overview and try free with creating a new account.

Online Palletizing Software

CubeDesigner Online is implemented on the Internet (online version of CubeDesigner) and allows package design to be done anytime, anywhere, on any platform with using any Internet browser.

To learn more about features and functionality of CubeDesigner Online, see an overview and try free.


[July 4, 2017]
We are Tom & Ellen from LG Electronics Antwerp (Belgium). We are truly happy with the container load optimization and planning software provided by Logen Solutions. We use it daily to simulate the container cargo plan and maximize the spaces utilizations. When we get the order from our customers we input the data in CubeMaster Online system and have it calculate the optimal 3D load plan. When the plan is not 100% we ask our customers to increase the number of orders to maximize the load efficiency and minimize the freight cost.

Testimonials of Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software

New Product - CubeMaster Magic Edition

A new product CubeMaster Magic Edition is now released at 1st March 2010. Amazing real 3D graphics engines gives you the most powerful cargoes moving with mouse dragging inside a vehicle or between multiple vehicles. Coming soon...

Preview of next coming product - Warehouse3D


We are a Microsoft Registered Partner specializing in small business solutions.

Cargo Load Plan and Optimization Software, Palletizing and Package Design Software - Microsoft Registered Partner

Our software are compatible with Windows NT, XP, 7, 8, 10 32/64 bits.

Cargo Load Plan - CubeMaster is Windows 7 compatible

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